Now that we’ve announced our new website, we wanted to introduce you to our new Client Portal which includes some special features that you are likely to want to take advantage of.  

To start, you can easily gain access to the Portal by clicking the Client Login button at the top of our website.  This will open the login page in a new tab.  If you don’t already have a login, click Register and fill in your name, email address and phone number.  The portal will look in our CRM database for your email and will send you an email with a temporary password if it finds you.  If you’re not in our database, simply send an email to with your name and company so we may add you. 

Once you’re in the system, you’ll navigate using the menu bar on the left.  You’ll see the Company item that will show your account details, contact information as well as a listing of any other people listed under your company.  If any of this information is incorrect, there is a Change Request button to allow you to easily submit a request for those changes.

Next, you can check out the Install Base item which lists out next the products that we have listed for your organization including the application, version, number of the licences and expiry date.  To request changes, you can click on any product line then you will have a Change Request button to submit your change.

Lastly, and most importantly, you’ll be able to use the Client Portal to log technical support cases.  The Cases menu item show you a listing of any cases listed for you and allow you to create a new one.   Creating a case is a simple as giving a short description of the issue along with more details including any screen captures you would like to include.  Once the case is saved, you can go back into it to add any files you may want to send us as well as to use a tool that allows you to record your screen, including audio if you like, to show us what you are seeing.  In most cases, this will make it much easier for us to understand your problem and assign the correct person to resolve it as quickly as possible, thereby saving you time and money!

We encourage you to try logging into the Client Portal…then send us your next support issue by creating a case.