About Us


Photos"Our mission is to enable small and medium-sized businesses like yours to perform by delivering World-Class business management solutions and valuable expertise, on-time and on-budget."

D&A was founded in 1993 to help small and medium-sized businesses become more productive with the help of computerized accounting solutions and our expertise. Back then, implementing a system was a one person job. Today, although the scope of the work and the product capabilities have changed, our mission remains unchanged.

As a progressive company, D&A recognized early on that the new generation accounting system would expand to become a complete business management system, capable of managing all aspects of your business. It would allow the information to flow from the front office areas of the business to the back office accounting system so that re-keying would be unnecessary and information would be available to all those that required it. We recognized that to support this type of technically complex, increasingly mission critical system would require extensive knowledge. So we set out to create a team of Accounting, Business and IT professionals whose sole focus would be the sale, implementation, training and support of these systems.

Today, D&A's Team of consultants supports over 400 companies from a wide range of industries and sizes in their quest for better information management and automation.