I am very pleased with the services, I usually have results within minutes.

Donna Nitz
Union of Taxation Employees

We’ve been using Nicole and D&A’s services since 1992. We can serve as witnesses to the quality of their expertise.

Ginette Easey
Agente des finances
Syndicat des employé(es) du Solliciteur général

D&A is a solution provider whose intentions are not to sell any solution but the right solution to meet the day to day business challenges that any business encounters. They showed their understanding of our needs by preparing a scope document and scheduled ongoing meetings to discuss our customization requirements. The key to our mutual success was that we worked together as a team.

Stéphane Landreville
Information Systems Manager
Canadian Produce Marketing Association

Community Living Glengarry, a non-profit organization, is challenged to provide many services to our Community. To achieve our Primary Mission, the fulfillment of lifelong hopes, rights and community inclusion to our clients and to run smoothly and efficiently, we have partnered with the D&A Business Management Solutions Team. D & A was instrumental in setting up our Accounting, Payroll and HRMS Systems. These processes streamline the reporting, the execution of tasks and reports to the Glengarry Team to oversee their organizational needs. We also appreciate the continuous timely support we receive from D & A.

Noëlla Picard
Financial Officer
Community Living Glengarry

The key to our success is accuracy in everything we do. In order to achieve this initiative we require a strong team and strong tools to assist us. The Sage product Lines such as the Sage 300 for our Financial Accounting, Sage Payroll and the Sage HRMS for Human Resources really help us streamline our workers. It gives us the accuracy we’re striving for. By familiarizing ourselves with the various tools available in each program, we have continued to augment the quality and efficiency of our service to both our customers and our employees. For example, our paystubs are now paperless. In the past it would take our payroll administrator one whole day to process and deliver all the paystubs to our employees. Now, with the assistance of D&A consultants , we can perform this task in less than an hour. Today because we utilize all of the aforementioned programs, we’ve saved time, money, environmentally friendly policy and most of all less frustration for all of our employees. The D&A and BMD teams we work with are helping us move forward with better and more sophisticated technology, so that we can continue to be more efficient and continue to prosper.

Rosanna Lucifero
Accounting Associate
FLS Transportation Services Inc., Montreal, Quebec

Excellent and professional service. Prompt response from them when needed. Competent and knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend this company.

Paul Bowman
Accounting and Office Services Supervisor
Archdiocese of Ottawa

As an individual who requires a hands on approach to learning new software, D&A offered an affordable as well as efficient manner of training while upgrading to Sage AccPac. As a prior user of AccPac Plus, I was quite aware of the functions and abilities of AccPac but required training in maneuvering in Sage AccPac to perform the same tasks.

Eliot McRae
Manager, Operations
Heritage Canada Foundation

We recently installed the latest ACCPAC Advantage Series Version 5.0. D&A have been invaluable in migrating from our legacy system and we would recommend their value-added services.

François Turcot
Director of Finance
Treats Canada Corporation

As a homebuilder that strives to deliver a high level of service to its customers, Longwood looks for the same when it comes to choosing its partners and D&A has managed to impress us with their Team’s knowledge and professionalism.
Recently, we were faced with the challenge of managing new regulatory requirements issued by Tarion, the administrator of the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act, which called for Builders to meet timelines for delivery and communications with buyers or face stiff financial penalties. We approached our SAGE partner, D&A, for a solution which would provide a seamless workflow throughout our activities, from our customer service to the tracking and notification of upcoming deadlines with respect to Tarion regulations. This CRM-based system, which integrates with our accounting, is sure to save us in future administrative costs and prevent financial penalties.

Guy Whissel
Longwood Building Corporation

Our ACCPAC accounting and MISys manufacturing solution implementationhas brought us to where we wanted to be and beyond. In addition, D&A was able to deliver our project on time and within budget. We are pleased to recommend their services.

Peter Dorda
Account Manager
SRB Technologies (Canada) Inc.

We have been dealing with D&A for over 10 years and have experienced our share of challenges over the years but the D&A Team have always come through, there has not been a problem they have not been able to solve for us.  We are very impressed with their services and professionalism.

Susan LeBrun
Comptroller / Contrôleur

Cachet Consulting places a high value on its working relationship with its Customers.  Having a partner like the D&A Business Management Team with the same values and principles to deliver on time and within budget makes it a winning combination all around.

Jack Romanow
Operations Manager
Cachet Consulting

We have been using the D&A’s services for the past 5 years.  We are very pleased with their assistance.  Whenever we call, be it for additional products, technical support or assistance with our system, they are always there to provide us with timely service.

Jeff Stewart
Office Manager

We’ve used D&A for the better part of  a decade and have always received phenomenal service.  We consider them to be a trusted advisor and find they are great at what they do.

Jason Wong
Operations Manager
CCR Cleanroom Products