Sage CRM 2023 R2 was released to the North American market at the end of September 2023.

The changes in Sage 2023 R2 include enhancements to features launched in recent releases including the new AI-generated Narrative tab, the rectangular pipeline charts and the email importing, as well as a new feature allowing you to open multiple read-only tabs.

The Narrative tab, which uses deterministic AI to analyze sales, service, and communication data then group it in one place using simple language, now includes translations into French, Spanish and German and adds the current stage for cases to the information it provides.

The Rectangular pipeline charts now provide a new option to Show stages with zero records, which by default will be set to “Yes”. Setting it to “No” will allow you to only show stages that have records in its pipeline (see screenshot below). This enhancement, which is the result of customer requests, applies to the Opportunities, Cases, and Leads pipelines.

A new option Default timestamp for imported emails in User Preferences enables users to choose whether they want the emails imported with the current date or the original email date.

The new Open multiple read-only tabs feature allows you to avoid constantly switching between tabs by opening read-only tabs you can refer to while editing another record.

Also in this release are two features that will be welcome by system administrators. The first is that you no longer need to disable a workflow before being able to view the details of its rules and underlying actions making it quicker to make your changes.

The second is that this version adds support for single tenant when configuring OAuth 2.0 for Exchange Online integration in Sage CRM.

Worth mentioning as well is that Sage CRM will now install with an Open source Java Runtime Environment rather than the Oracle version which will require licencing in the near future.

To access the full release notes document including a listing of all the customer cases that have been addressed and other documentation for Sage CRM 2023 R2 visit the Sage CRM Help Center.