Sage _crm _2017_calendar

As projected, Sage released the latest version of Sage CRM last month.  It offers continued improvements in the new Calendaring interface and other ease of use features and navigation updates.

Last January, we reviewed the 2017 version which introduced a completely new interface layout without affecting those wanting to carry on with the existing interface.  All users were treated to a new calendar makeover that modernized its look and feel and introduced a new Agenda view similar to what we’re seeing on our cell phones.

The 2018 version brings along some enhancements to the last release to make the calendar more convenient and easier to use. 

Here are the highlights:

Change appointment date and time by drag and drop – When using the Day, Work Week, or Week view in the My CRM calendar, users can quickly change the date and time of non-recurring appointments by dragging and dropping them to the new date and time.

Change appointment duration by drag and drop – Users can extend or reduce the appointment duration by dragging and dropping the upper or lower end of the appointment rectangle in the Day, Work Week, and Week views of the calendar.

Quickly Create Tasks with Attachments – Users can drag and drop one or several files to the Drop files here area in the Tasks view of My CRM and Team CRM calendars to create tasks with attachments. Alternatively, users can click Drop files here to browse for and select the files they want to attach to new tasks. With this method, users can configure all possible task settings.

Quickly Mark Tasks as Complete –  This feature allows users to quickly change the status of a task to Complete from the Task view in the My CRM calendar.

Tooltip on appointments in the Day view – When a user clicks an appointment in the Day view, a tooltip showing the appointment summary opens.

Calendar Filtering – User and Team Calendars now default to show pending task and appointments in the Agenda and Task views area.

Horizontal Tabs – Rarely used tabs in all entities can now be easily moved into a new ‘More’ tab option, saving screen space and providing a cleaner view while relegating the others to an accessible hidden view.

These enhancements will continue to improve the new calendar and overall user experience in CRM.  On the horizon for later this year is the highly anticipated integration to Sage 300’s new web screens for a new Quotes and Orders integration with Sage 300.

If you want to know more, Sage has released a Technical review that shows all the new functionality or you can look at the release notes here.