Released in Canada on September 1st, 2022, Sage 300 2023.0 presents additional functionalities through general security improvements, as well as continued updates to the more recent Sage 300 web screens

Here’s a quick update of the new features with a video at the end for you to see them in action. 

The General Improvements include an improvement in security through User passwords.

In Sage 300 Database Setup, on the Advanced Security Settings screen, they have added an option to increase required complexity to user passwords. The complexity requirements have been increased so that passwords must now include at least one of the following: Lower case letter; Upper case letter; Number Special character (such as * or #).

They’ve also made some technical upgrades and enhancements to improve overall security including the use of a newly supported database connection driver for SQL server which requires a security certificate to be in place for SQL to connect to the database properly.  Our Team is aware of this change and will ensure that anyone upgrading will be advised with respect to purchasing the correct server certificate. For more detailed technical information, see Sage Knowledgebase article 116170.

If you haven’t experienced them yet, the Sage 300cloud web screen can run in parallel with Sage 300 desktop screens giving users the choice to use either the desktop or web while working seamlessly with a single shared set of company In data.

In version 2023, web screens improvements have been made including the following new web screens for Project and Job Costing: 

  • Account Sets. Use this screen to create groups of general ledger accounts, which you assign to contracts to identify the general ledger accounts to which you post Project and Job Costing transactions for each contract.
  • Charges. Use this screen to record amounts that you charge your customers for services or fees for which you have not incurred any costs directly (such as registration fees or prepayments on a project).
  • Update Retainage. If you use retainage accounting, use this screen to enter opening retainage balances for contracts you are transferring to Sage 300 Project and Job Costing from another job-costing system. You also use this screen to update the retainage payable or retainage receivable for contracts, projects, and categories.

Next there are new setup report web screens for: Accounts Payable; Accounts Receivable; General Ledger; Tax Services; Bank Services; Inventory Control; Order Entry; Purchase Orders; and Project & Job Costing.

Finally, there is also a new keyboard shortcut to open screens from the navigation menu. 

If you want to learn more about the web screens and features available in this release, you can refer to the Sage 300cloud web screens online help and the Sage 300cloud web screens getting started guide

Lastly there are Improvements on the Windows Start menu.  The single Sage menu has been broken down into three: Sage 300Sage 300 Admin Utilities, and Sage 300 Support Utilities.  They’ve also added some new items in the Sage 300 Admin Utilities menu so you can access the Data Activation, License Manager and Current Users screens without needing to open Sage 300.