Last month (April 2020), Sage released Product Update 2 for Sage 300 version 2020 with the following new features:

Online Bank Feeds to reconcile bank accounts – In both the Desktop and Web screens you can now quickly and easily reconcile you expenses and credits directly from your company’s bank account by downloading electronic statements in OFX format or from bank feeds.  This expands the list of banks that Sage 300 will work with.

General Ledger integration with Tax Services – This feature allows you to enter tax amounts in G/L journal entries which are then posted to Tax Services and available in reports.

Ability to print T5018 (CPRS) forms on plain paper – Companies operating in Canada can now print T5018 (CPRS) forms on plain paper rather than only to the pre-printed CRA forms.

Ability to assign company colors in Sage 300cloud web screens – As on the Desktop interface, you can now assign a unique colour to each company to make it easier to differentiate between multiple companies that you may have open.

Sage 300cloud web screens improvements to the O/E Order Entry screen – You can now enter Comments/Instructions in a box rather than a table which allows you to enter longer comments without splitting them into multiple rows in a table.  You can also now specify a Bill of Material number in the Kit/BOM field.

To learn more about the new features and improvements included in this release, watch the Sage 300cloud – What’s New in Release 2020, Product Update 2 video and read the complete list of Release Notes for Sage 300 2020. 

Free Training is also available on Sage University! Log in then search for What’s New in Version 2020.2 for a more in-depth anytime training package on the Bank Feeds and the GL integration with Tax Services features included in version 2020.2.