In September we blogged about What’s New in Sage 300 2020 which included improvements in the classic desktop screens and the newer web screens as well as the launch of a useful online Help site at

Now Sage has released Sage 300 2020 Product Update 1 which includes a new multiple contacts feature that will appeal to many users of the system. 

This feature is actually a new module that allows you to create multiple contacts independent of specific Customers or Vendors.  Those contacts are then available to link with any customer or vendor and you can specify what types of documents (A/P, A/R, O/E, and P/O) to email for that particular customer or vendor contact.  An unlimited number of Optional fields can also be created and then assigned to contacts.

This is a great improvement over the single contact per company that existed up until now and reflects the reality of having multiple contacts that you deal with at each company for different accounting related documents such as quotes, orders, invoices etc…

And if you have Sage 300 integrated with Microsoft Office 365 or Sage CRM, the new contacts are supported in the Sage Contact app for Outlook 365 and Sage CRM

In Sage CRM, this means that with Sage 300 multiple contacts installed, multiple people can be assigned as Sage 300 accounting contacts for AR and AP.  This goes for addresses as well though only one address can have the Sage 300 A/R or A/P address type and must be created in Sage 300.  You can also create Sage 300 Contact records using information from the Sage CRM Person records which will then link the records and future changes will be synchronized.

To see it in action and learn more about the new Multiple Contacts feature you can login to Sage University and search for What’s New in Version 2020.1.