As we approach 2023, we decided it would be a great time to revitalize our brand to celebrate our 30th year in business! 

We started by redesigning the D&A logo which retains the familiar reliability and stability of navy blue while adding the bold excitement of the Miami blue colour along with a splash of fun butterscotch yellow.  After 30 years in business, we feel we’ve earned the navy blue and like to think we provide excitement to those whose businesses that grow and become more efficient through the use of our solutions.  The yellow is our reminder that it’s important to have fun along the way! 

Next…as we’re often simply called “D&A”, we decided to remove the “business management solutions” trade name from the logo though it was quickly replaced with a better slogan that is much more descriptive of our goal of providing “effective business solutions”. 

And lastly, we took the D&A and gave it a more modern three dimensional look to signify that, despite our 30 years in business, we are staying current with all the ever-changing technology including the growing emergence of cloud-based solutions.

We hope you like it!