The Plans

The Standard & Premium help desk service plans are designed to assist Sage users with first level technical support to answer questions and troubleshoot issues related to your Sage 300-based system.

These plans include unlimited help desk phone & remote support calls for Sage 300/300c/300cloud and supported 3rd Party modules.

The Process

  1. Pick a Plan from The Comparison grid below.
  2. Contact us to get a quote* by completing the Sales Request Form.
  3. Request Support by calling the Office or submitting an online support request at

The Comparison

Unlimited Help Desk Service PlansNo PlanStandardPremium
Per IncidentStd. Rate/ 1/2 hour Min.UnlimitedUnlimited
Response Time< 7 Hours< 4 Hours< 2 Hours
Access to after Hours (48 hour pre-book only)Std. Rate +25%Std. Rate +25%Std. Rate
System Evaluation (1 Per Year)Std. RateIncludedIncluded
Upgrade Planning ReviewStd. RateIncludedIncluded
Workstation Installs or ReinstallStd. Rate24
Install of Service Packs and Hot FixesStd. RateServer + 2 WSServer + All WS
Existing Macros/Crystal Reports/Financial Statement/SQL ViewsStd. RateIncludedIncluded
Data Repair DiagnosisStd. RateIncludedIncluded
Data RepairStd. RateStd. RateStd. Rate
Tax Table – Payroll UpdatesStd. RateStd. RateIncluded
Year End preperationStd. RateStd. RateIncluded
Remote Training Session (1 hour per session)Std. Rate2 Sessions4 Sessions

The Details

  • *Pricing is based on your number of Sage 300 licences.
  • At the time of purchase, you must have an active Sage Business Care or Subscription Plan.
  • Help desk support calls are only initiated by a call to the Office or through an online support request. Support requests made directly to consultants will be charged at the standard rate.
  • If you are not on a Sage Supported version, we may need to ask you to upgrade to able to resolve the issue.

If you have any questions, please fill out a Sales Request Form or contact us.