Released in Canada on August 24th, 2021, Sage 300 2022.0 continues the development and improvement of the modern web screen experience as well as some exciting new features that guarantee better user experience, and advanced capabilities and flexibility.  Here’s a rundown of the new features with a video at the end if you prefer:

New Web Screens

The addition of the modernized web screens continues with 99% of the desktop UI now available to use.  This release adds several new web screens for Sage 300 subscription customers, namely:

  • General Ledger: GL Chart of Accounts screen to see list with specific information for each account.
  • Accounts Receivable: AR Customer List to extract customer information from your database.
  • Project and Job Costing: Transaction Screens for Opening Balance, Costs, Material Usage, Material Returns, Material Allocation, Post Transactions and Print Transaction Listing
  • Common Services: Reminder List screen to remind users to process scheduled task.

Redesigned Finder to Align with Desktop Functionality

The new Finder improves filtering and makes it easier to navigate through large sets of results including the addition of persistent filtering that helps users set default criteria for a search; Filtering option now set to ‘Show all records” so users can view previous and next records by default; Additional filtering options making it easier to highlight first and last record.

General Ledger Financial Reporter now compatible with either 32 or 64-Bit Microsoft Excel

On the desktop side, the 64-bit Financial Reporter provides improved compatibility with several business software solutions.  Users can now seamlessly use GL Financial Reporter with either 32 or 64-Bit Microsoft Excel.

Purchase Order Improvements

Users can enter negative additional costs on purchase order credit notes as well as mass update the Location or Arrival Date in Purchase Order detail lines.

Order Entry Improvements

Users can mass update the Location or Expected Ship Date in Order detail lines.

Reserve LanPak User Licenses

Another nice addition is the ability to reserve one or several LanPak user licenses for a user or any 3rd party product giving them uninterrupted access to Sage 300.

Bank Feeds Improvement

With the improvements to Bank Feeds on the Reconcile E-Statements screen, users now have additional ways to reconcile bank transactions.  Transactions downloaded using a bank feed will now have a Bank Cleared Date based on the local time.

Accessing Sage Data & Analytics

There are now new options to access Sage Data & Analytics from within Sage 300. In desktop screens, it can be accessed by clicking on Sage Data & Analytics icon on the desktop ribbon. In web screens, it can be opened from Business Intelligence Reporting on the navigation menu.

Enhanced 3rd Party Help

3rd party applications can link and drop their content in the Sage 300 help menu that enables users to find the information and resources needed to use these 3rd party applications with Sage 300.

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