Sage has released Product Update 1 for Sage 300 2022. 

This interim update includes the following new features and improvements to the Sage 300cloud web screens:

  • and given new more informative messages explaining what went wrong when you have problems logging in.
  • .
  • When printing, a preview of the report is no longer displayed in the SAP Crystal Reports® viewer and instead, an Export Report screen appears in a new browser tab, and provides options for saving the report to a file.
    To print a physical copy of the report, save to a PDF and then print to your printer from the PDF.
  • The user interface experience has been improved with selected fields now having new buttons that allow you to specify a value more quickly and easily by going to the first or last value, or to the next or previous value as it is in the Desktop version.

Watch the video below to see these new features in action:

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