Back in October 2020, I reviewed the newly released Sage 300 2021.  It was followed up with Product Update 1 later in 2020 whose main improvement of interest was the updated visual process flows that would no longer require the Adobe flash that was shut down at the end of the year.  Though Product Update 1 allowed you to use your existing visual process flows, it did not allow you to edit them.  Product Update 2 allows you to once again create and change custom process flows, though the specifics of how you do this have changed. More details can be found on and our Team is available to assist as needed.

For those with a Sage300Cloud subscription, this product update also includes the following new features and improvements to the web screens:

New General Ledger web screens – this release includes the following new web screens for General Ledger:

  • Account History Inquiry. Displays actual and quantity information for prior years, as well as total quantity and total net change information.
  • Budget Maintenance. Enter and display budget information for general ledger accounts.
  • Source Currency Inquiry. Displays source-currency and functional-currency account balances for a multicurrency account.

New Accounts Receivable web screens – this release includes the following new web screens for Accounts Receivable:

  • Receipt & Refund Inquiry. To look up receipts or refunds.

New Users web screen – This release includes a new Users web screen that you can use to add and manage user records.

Improved Finder –  Filtering has been improved on the finder to make it easier to navigate through large sets of results. The list of screens that have the Improved Finder can be seen in this Knowledgebase article.

Speed up data entry with new keyboard shortcuts – New keyboard shortcuts have been added for use in web screens:

  • Alt + Down Arrow opens Finders.
  • Esc closes Finders, and most pop-up screens and messages.

Improved process for printing reports – When printing a report from a report screen or a home page widget, a preview of the report is no longer displayed in the SAP Crystal Reports® viewer. Instead, the Export Report screen appears in a new browser tab, and provides options for saving the report to a file. To print a physical copy of the report, save to a PDF and then print to your printer from the PDF.  This change does not affect the process for printing customized SAP Crystal Reports® opened from the Reports list.

Watch this short video to see the new features in action.