Having your own server hardware and software is becoming a thing of the past for many companies looking to modernize their IT infrastructure. 

In the same way that leasing affords businesses up to date vehicles that are more reliable and much less likely to need expensive repairs, running your business software on a cloud server allows you to safely run your business software without having to worry about backups, security, failure and obsolescence for a fixed monthly cost

If you’re a growing business, cloud solutions will allow you to scale up or down much more easily and quickly to match your needs and free up your staff to focus on what it is your company does for its clients. 

Cloud Server are also remote access solutions that your staff can use to collaborate and access from anywhere, something that has proven more than valuable in the last couple of years and risks continuing on into the future. 

For our customers who are considering making this kind of shift, we’ve organized a webcast with one of our trusted partners that specializes in this kind of offering.