A number of our customers have turned to Cloud Server Hosting for their Sage solutions rather than the traditional on-premise IT infrastructure.

This solution takes your IT infrastructure and unknown capital expenses and turns them into a monthly fixed-cost service that you use to run your business applications such as your Sage software and your Microsoft programs like Office, SQL, Exchange and any other windows-based applications you may have.

Turning to Cloud hosting for your IT needs means that you no longer have to budget for and buy server hardware that will eventually wear out and require replacement.  Along with not requiring ongoing hardware costs, you will not have the cost of server software licences that over time will also require upgrading.  The critical task of backing up your data consistently will be managed for you.  In fact, the entire server, including your software and data is backed up regularly using enterprise level software that most SMB’s would not be able to afford.

As the service is internet-based, you can have access from anywhere you have an internet connection giving you flexibility in where your business does its work.  That being said you must also weigh your organization’s ability to depend on a solid internet connection.  If you’ve ever had a Voice Over IP phone system you are familiar with the reality that an internet outage means your phone system is completely down.  That being said, there are many more acceptable options today to make your internet connection redundant should this be required.  Lastly, for those with security questions, advanced web security is included with 24/7 firewall protection using leading software and hardware platforms to protect your network for unauthorized access.

Hosting your applications on a Cloud Server may be just what your company needs in order consolidate your IT costs and focus on what you offer your customers.

For more information, visit the Cloud Server Hosting page on our website or contact us.