Tairox CRM

If you wished Sage 300 could manage sales and marketing processes such as tracking leads/opportunities/communications or sending bulk email…or just found Sage CRM to be too large a solution for your needs then this may be just what you’ve been waiting for!

Tairox, a long-time developer of Sage 300 utilities, built Tairox CRM using Sage 300’s Software Development Kit (SDK), resulting in a product integrated within the Sage 300 interface and database.

It gives Sage 300 users the ability to add CRM Companies, Contacts, Sales Opportunities, Communications, Document attachments and marketing lists called Groups which can be sent e-mails using the MailChimp or Swiftpage platforms.

CRM companies can be linked or promoted to Sage 300 Customers when sales close.  Communications can be tracked with Contacts, along with links to their Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts.

Sales opportunities can be created against CRM companies with Excel charts included as well to forecast sales and analyze past performance.

All this and more with quick searches and full audit capability so you can see who has made each change, and when.  Though this solution won’t be for all, if you want to track more in Sage 300 this may just be what you’re looking for.

There’s a webcast planned if you want to know more.