Sage AP Automation is built to delight by automating your entire AP process, from purchase to payment. Invoices are entered with guaranteed accuracy and stored securely in the cloud, saving you time as we take care of the data entry.

By managing approval workflows and internal controls in Sage AP Automation, you ensure that your coded invoices are automatically routed to the correct approvers and that every user only has access to the specific modules they need, based on your unique organizational structure. Since all your invoices are stored in the cloud, approvals can be completed from any location.

The payments module in Sage AP Automation allows you to pay vendors directly from within the application via virtual credit card, EFT/ACH, wire or automated checks. Through our virtual credit card rebate program, you also have the opportunity to earn money by simply paying your bills.

Sage AP Automation integrates seamlessly with Sage 50c (Canada Edition) & Sage 300c,

Through the Sage AP Automation sync tool. While our dedicated Implementation team will be there to  guide you through every step, the implementation process is a simple process overall. We’ll walk you through the set up and installation of the sync tool and run tests to ensure that everything is working and ready to use.

For organizations that process invoices for multiple entities or companies, our sync tool is designed to  connect to single or multiple Sage databases. A profile for each Sage database will be created within our sync tool, and once connected, the data transfer happens directly through the tool.

From each Sage database, we receive the following information:

Vendor list Chart of account list, and payments. We also attach payment information to Invoices in Sage AP  Automation. Finally, from Sage AP Automation, we send all approved AP transactions into Sage, ready for you to manage inside of your Sage software.

The benefits of Sage AP automation:

  • Eliminate data entry
  • Access from anywhere
  • Approvals your way
  • Making you money
  • Pay for What You Use
  • Here to help you

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