Process mapping, simplified

ProcessPro is an easy-to-use, cloud-based, process mapping solution that enables you to bring business operations to life with visual process maps. It is a software tool that will allow your team to collaborate to create visual representations of your internal processes in an effort to identify opportunities for improvement while eliminating inefficiencies, resulting in a higher quality product or service. Now with Artificial Intelligence built-in plus Visio and Word import making ProcessPro one of the most powerful process mapping applications globally.

Create Visual Process Maps with Dynamic Control

You don’t need to be an IT guru to create process maps with ProcessPro. Our platform streamlines and simplifies the creation process, providing complete control from start to finish.

With our leading visual editor, instantly gain a fresh perspective. Or, jump in and micro-manage the finer details. The ProcessPro platform is flexible.

Complete visibility is also key, allowing you to identify potential gaps, bottlenecks or opportunities for improvement at a glance.

ProcessPro enables you to communicate the process for your business clearly. Effortless knowledge transfer.

Take Ownership of
Business Processes

Process mapping with ProcessPro creates pure transparency and a sense of ownership for all involved.

Any changes made are instantly communicated, notifying all impacted parties.

Easy alignment with HR enables responsive process updates to stay on track regardless of staffing changes, or rapid onboarding of new team members.

Ultimately, this framework promotes teamwork and delivers accountability.

Features that Deliver Structure and Growth

With ProcessPro’s extensive features, your processes become a centralised repository, and a unifying centre that streamlines your entire business.

Create and share visible processes that encourage team responsibility and accountability.

Ensure every process can be artfully refined to produce predictable outcomes.

Retain internal knowledge, learn from mistakes, and track business progress like never before.

Encourage Continuous Improvement

Embrace feedback in an open and honest system, encouraging accountability and ongoing improvement from every team member.

Allow key players stewardship over processes, delegating and awarding responsibility as necessary.

Finally, ProcessPro gives you the time and cost analysis you need to make informed decisions.

Take your business further. It all starts with process mapping at ProcessPro.

Key Features

  • Visual display of your processes
  • Detailed information for every activity
  • Provide notes for activity exceptions
  • Add links and directory pathways for activities
  • Attach documents and images
  • Intelligent workflows with decision diamonds
  • Activity loopbacks to loop to a previous or future activity
  • Assign Roles and Activities
  • Cater for parallel activities
  • Share or print out processes
  • Process user feedback
  • Define inputs and outputs
  • Interlink processes
  • Publish process maps for intranets or
  • public display
  • Powerful search
  • User dashboards to highlight user processes, tasks and notifications
  • Cost and time analysis between process states or other processes
  • Integrate with HR systems (HRMS) to automate role assignments
  • Version and history control
  • Excel Import/Export
  • AI integration
  • Vio Import
  • Word Import
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