Tuesday, November 15th, 2022 | 12:00pm EST – 1 hour

A key part of growing your business is keeping your customers happy.

Put a smile on your customer’s face with a 24/7/365 online self-service Customer Portal. A real-time Customer Portal provides instant access to order and shipping information and will keep your customers coming back for more.

Connected directly to Sage 300, a Customer Portal will reduce your admin costs and the number of customer phone calls and emails your team will receive. By putting the power in your customer’s hands they will be able to:

  • View and Download Invoices and Documents
  • Check Shipping Status and Tracking Information
  • View Real-Time Inventory and Warehouse Status
  • Chat With You Directly

A customer portal is an affordable way to begin eCommerce and users save $25K on average per year all while creating self-sufficient happy customers.

Session Agenda:

  • Commercebuild Overview
  • Benefits of a Customer Portal
  • Customer Portal ROI Calculator
  • Customer Portal Demo
  • Customer Portal Promotion Offer
    • 6-Months Free
    • $6,600 Value – $3,600 SaaS and $3,000 Implementation
    • No charge or commitment after 6-months

Hope you’ll join us!

The D&A Team