Webcast: Leverage your Sage 300 data to Become a Data-driven Organization

Title: Leverage your Sage 300 data to Become a Data-driven Organization

Date: Wednesday, June 5th, 2019 | 12:00pm EDT - 1 hour


A data-driven organization is one in which critical business data automatically drives the decisions and actions of your business. Reminders on overdue invoices are auto-delivered to customers. Sales reps are auto-informed when a client changes his buying habits. Important reports are auto-generated and delivered to the people who need them. Profit margin on orders are automatically monitored. The list goes on…and can be tailored to your business and data.

Join us for a look at how Sage Alerts & Workflow can automatically monitor your Sage 300 and other systems' data for critical business conditions to help drive business decisions that could save you time and money as well as improving customer satisfaction.

You'll see how Sage Alerts & Workflow can:

  • Improve your collections by automatically generating invoice & statements.
  • Alert you about credit status changes.
  • Act like a smoke detector and deliver "exception" alerts such as insufficient order profit margin and late deliveries.
  • Automatically identify trends like customers who are buying considerably more (or less!) than usual.
  • Generate & deliver reports including all your Crystal reports as well as graphic analyses of business activities.
  • Streamline approval processes such as the review of outstanding POs and requests for special discounts.
  • Automatically monitor email – including messages sent to generic accounts like “info” and “support”.

Hope you can join us!

The D&A Team