Sage is re-launching their Maintenance & Software Support Programs across all their products in order to make them consistent across all their product lines and improve the value they provide to customers.

The new program, called Sage Business Care, will replace the Software Assurance and Priority Software Support programs currently in place. Starting in September, existing customers with renewals coming due will be migrated to the new plans on a monthly basis.

Sage Business Care will have three plans, namely Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Customers currently on the Software Assurance program (which is the majority of our customers), who rely on the support provided by their local Business Partner, will be converted to the Bronze plan.

The new Silver support plan will give customers an option to receive limited support from the Sage Customer Support team by phone, chat or e-mail, as a way to complement the support that they receive from their Partner. The Silver plan includes five (5) support cases and a 10% savings on training.

Customers currently on the Priority Software Support program will be migrated to the Gold plan and will now receive the additional value of Upgrade Planning Assistance, extended support hours, and more.

For full details on the three plans, including pricing, download the overview document.

If you have any questions, contact our office at 613-742-6565 or make an online support request.