Sage Licensing Server to require use of TLS 1.2 starting October 1, 2023

Who is affected?

This update will improve data security for all Sage 300 subscription customers. Customers that meet the following conditions will need to take action to prevent disruptions:

1) Are on a subscription plan, including 300c, or 300cloud, and

2) Are running Sage 300 version 2017 or newer (earlier versions are not affected), and

3) Are running a version of 300 or operating systems that do not support TLS 1.2.

Who is not affected?

  1. All perpetual Sage 300 customers
  2. Any customer using a version of Sage 300 older than 2017.
  3. Any customer using a version of Sage 300 that supports TLS 1.2 in 2019.6, 2020.3, and all newer versions.

What is the impact?

On 10/1/2023 Sage License Servers will no longer accept communication using the less secure TLS 1.0 and 1.1 protocol.

Upon reaching the last known expiration date, the product will revert to “read-only” mode following a 45-day grace period.

What action is required?

Affected customers must upgrade their Sage software to a version supporting TLS 1.2

1) Customers are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version Sage 300. This will address TLS 1.2 security and provide additional security updates, usability improvements and features.

2) Customers on Sage 300 versions 2019 or 2020 can contact us to get the latest service packs to add TLS 1.2 functionality.

3) Note: A customer’s operating environment must also support TLS 1.2 –Windows 8.1 or better, Windows Server 2012 R2 or better, and required .NET components and Sage 300 2021 and are supported on Windows Server 2016 or later with MS SQL database v2016 or later.