Microsoft to stop support of basic email authentication starting October 1, 2022

Who is affected?

This update will improve data security for all Microsoft Exchange Online and O365 email tenants by requiring modern authentication (OAuth) for login access. This impacts the ability for Sage 300 to utilize some online email services, and impacts the following:

  1. All Sage 300 customers that send emails and documents from within the product, including the use of Paperless Office, and
  2. Are using an email service that requires modern authentication (e.g., Exchange Online), and
  3. Are running a version of Sage 300 that does not support OAuth, regardless of license type or support plan status.

Who is not affected?

  1. Any customers not using in-product email functionality
  2. Any customer not using an email service that requires OAuth
  3. Any customer using a version of Sage 300 that supports OAuth, including Sage 300 versions 2020.8, 2021.5, and 2022.2 or newer.

What is the impact?

On 10/1/2022 Microsoft will no longer accept logins to their online email services using basic authentication. Sage 300 software that does not support OAuth will not be able to log into the email server, and consequently will be unable to send email or documents from within the product. Google suspended basic authentication to Gmail in June 2022.

What action is required?

Affected customers must upgrade their Sage software to a version supporting modern authentication (OAuth).

  1. Customers are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version of Sage 300. This will address OAuth email security and provide additional security updates, usability improvements and features.
  2. Customers on Sage 300 versions 2020, 2021 or 2022, can contact us to get the latest service packs to add OAuth.
  3. Off-plan customers will need to purchase or renew their support plan in order to receive the updated software.
  4. A Sage Intelligence update to address OAuth will be available shortly.

Is there a Temporary Work-Around?

Yes, after October 1, 2022 Customers can go back and re-enable basic Authentication which will allow them to email using this basic authentication until December 30th, 2022 only. See: