Join us along with our partners from Robert Lavery & Associates for Rejuvenate 2022, a one of a kind metaverse virtual event unlike any you have experienced in the past.

You will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a unique, one of a kind metaverse! 

The platform will allow you to virtually “walk” around the event space, chat live with other attendees, attend product sessions as well as sessions that provide insight into current business trends and how business is evolving since COVID entered our lives…and of course cruise through an exhibit hall and spend time with dedicated Sage 300 third party developers.

Attending these sessions will arm you with new insight into how you can adapt your business for these changing times and learn about some tools that can set you up for success, today, and in the future.

When: Thursday, October 20th, 2022,
Where: Online Metaverse Virtual conference
Cost:  $28.25 tax included with your entry refunded if your organization purchases one of the products presented.

As a bonus, representatives from Sage will join us for a session to fill us in on where Sage 300 is headed!

Reserve your spot by click the button below to register.