Wednesday, August 16th, 2023 | 1:00pm ET

We all know Thanos as the ultimate overachiever in the MCU. He dreamed of eliminating 50% of life in order to stabilize the universe & ensure resources don’t run out. 

Let’s imagine a world where Thanos became an accounting professional. What stones would he need to collect in order to snap away 50% (or more) of time spent on manual tasks? 

Luckily for accounting teams out there, all you’ll need is 4: 

  • Power Stone
  • Space Stone
  • Time Stone
  • Reality Stone

Join us for our upcoming “Avenginar” to see how these 4 stones will help revamp your AP workflow by eliminating time spent on data entry & increase control and visibility from purchase to payment.

Hope you can join us!

The D&A Team