Warehouse Management Software—Not Just for Big Enterprises Anymore

If you distribute goods, you probably know that managing an efficient warehouse is challenging—but letting inefficiency rein is costly. For instance, keeping accurate, real-time track of inventory is difficult—but failure to do so can cost you significantly high compliance fines from your buyers. You lose money every day dead stock sits on your shelves.

Warehouse management technology can help you automate many of your warehouse processes, and thus become more efficient, accurate, and profitable. But isn’t this kind of solution feasible only for huge enterprises with deep pockets?

Not necessarily.

Sage Accpac WMS 5.0 is a powerful, full-featured modular warehouse management solution that integrates with your Sage Accpac system. It’s built—and priced—for the needs of small and midsized businesses.

A modular system allows you to choose features

Sage Accpac WMS doesn’t skimp on features. It offers a full suite of modules with sophisticated warehouse management features, including lot tracking, multi-zone tracking, multi-carrier shipping, and more. (Many features are new with version 5.0, so if you haven’t checked out Sage Accpac WMS for a while, now may be a good time.)

While Sage Accpac WMS has always been affordable, it’s now even more so. The difference is that Sage Accpac WMS 5.0 is now modular— which means that businesses can pick and choose which features they want—rather than having to pay for an all-in-one solution that doesn’t really fit their needs. If the needs of the warehouse change, just add the appropriate module, or upgrade to the appropriate edition. No need to reinvent the wheel—or pay customization fees—every time your business evolves.

Scalability leaves room for business growth

Sage Accpac WMS also comes in three editions — Sage Accpac WMS 100, 200, and 500—so that a business can start out small and easily move up to a higher edition when it grows, adds users, or requires new capabilities. Migrating from one edition to another is a seamless process, so no need to worry about costly disruptions to business.

Increase efficiency by integrating with hardware and accounting software

Even small and midsized warehouses need to use radio frequency devices and barcode scanners in order to ensure that their receiving, putaway, picking, and shipping processes are accurate and efficient. Sage Accpac WMS integrates with these devices, as well as with your Sage Accpac accounting system, so you always have up-to-theminute access to your critical warehouse data and can make decisions or corrections quickly. After all, you don’t have the time or resources to waste on costly mistakes or poor customer service.

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