Simplifying Online Credit Card Transactions

While the overwhelming majority of today’s business is conducted through credit card transactions, accepting credit cards online for mail order and telephone order (MOTO) operations can be time-consuming and mistake-prone. For many firms, receiving payment by credit card initiates a complex and largely manual process of authorizations that is prone to input errors and security risks. Most companies go this route without considering the true cost and liabilities.

Orders are first keyed into the company’s accounting software, then into the credit card verification terminal, and then recorded again as a deposit in the receivables module. If customer credit card numbers are stored, it is most often in non-secure, un-encrypted locations. The whole process is time-consuming, error-prone, and leaves your customer’s credit card information open to fraud and theft. Fortunately, there is a modern credit card verification solution—Iciniti Credit Card—that authorizes credit card payments from within Sage Accpac ERP Order Entry and Accounts Receivable modules at the push of a button and produces daily receipt batches based on credit card type—automatically. “Changing to Iciniti Credit Card has saved us the work of one full-time employee,” says Susan Antonsen, business manager at RJ Star. “Our order volume has doubled, but we haven’t needed to hire any new personnel.”

Instead of many minutes to complete an online credit card transaction, Iciniti Credit Card reduces the entire process to seconds. And to help shareholders sleep at night, credit card numbers are stored securely in encrypted fields in the database.

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