Sage's On-Premise and Cloud ERP Hybrid Approach

With all the buzz (and confusion) surrounding “the cloud”, it can be hard deciding whether or not it makes sense for your business. But with Sage ERP and the Sage Cloud Connector, you don’t have to choose because you get the best of both worlds – flexibility of the cloud and web-based apps combined with the stability of your on-premise software.

Let’s take a closer look at this important new technology for Sage ERP software.



How Does the Cloud Connector Work?

The Sage Cloud Connector works as the buffer (or bridge) between your on-premise Sage ERP software and the cloud – connecting you to a whole new world of web-based add-on applications and cloud services without having to purchase, install, and configure web servers or special hardware in-house.

You’ve probably heard about the new Sage web and mobile applications that are available in the cloud like Sage Inventory Advisor, Sage Mobile Sales, Sage Mobile Service, and many others.

Sage Cloud Connector is the technology that bridges the gap and allows the data and transactions to flow freely between your on-premises Sage accounting system and these new cloud applications. 

That means there’s no duplicate data entry or import/export routines – it all flows seamlessly between your office and the cloud.

Why Does That Matter to Me?

Sage Cloud Connector helps extend the existing investment in your current on-premise Sage ERP system without having to choose between on-premise or cloud – it’s the best of both worlds. 

You get to unlock new features and expand the capabilities of Sage ERP using new cloud connected services, while keeping your most critical data and functions in your server room down the hall.

So what does this mean for you?

You get all the power, flexibility, and ease-of-access that the cloud has to offer while preserving your existing workflows, training, and any customization you've applied to your Sage ERP software.

It turns your local ERP installation into a connected hybrid-cloud system.

What’s more, Sage is always adding more web-based Connected Services and cloud apps to provide you with more features and improved functionality.

What About Data Security?

Any time mention of the cloud comes up, questions about data security aren’t far behind. It’s an important consideration.

But you can rest easy knowing that Sage is committed to the privacy and security of your data. Sage Cloud Connector uses powerful encryption and authentication technology to ensure the highest level of security for your company data as it is stored and transmitted between Sage 100 and your cloud applications.

The following features ensure that your company information is safe and secure:

  • On-premises Software Security: Sage Cloud Connector uses an account set up by you to sign in to your Sage 100 ERP system.
  • Sage ID: Sage Cloud Connector is configured to use a password-protected Sage ID that you create.
  • Secure HTTPS Channel: Sage Cloud Connector transmits and verifies your Sage ID credentials through a secure HTTPS channel using the OAuth 2.0 protocol.
  • Microsoft Windows Data Protection API: Sage Cloud Connector encrypts your data using a key that ensures it can be de-crypted only on the server where your accounting or ERP system is installed.

Ready to Connect to the Cloud?

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