Sage CRM - What's in it for you?

So you've heard a lot of talk about CRM recently. You might be asking yourself "How would CRM benefit my organization". In an effort to answer this question we've put together a list of the top 10 reasons why you might want to consider a CRM solution for your business:

1. Get your entire organization on the same page. No more pockets of data in various places in the organization. As a business executive you can know at a glance if there are any pending sales opportunities, open case issues or past due invoices.

2. Manage Sales and accounts - With Sage CRM you can easily manage multiple accounts and opportunities, and automatically distribute leads to sales professionals around the world. Sophisticated workflow provides automated sales processes to guide sales people through proven selling methods. Automate your business processes to automatically trigger literature fulfillment, follow-up appointments, callbacks, daily tasks and more. By analyzing the information available, you can recruit new clients and resell to existing ones.

3. Perfect for sales people in the field. Today keeping mobile sales professionals connected and in the know represents your greatest challenge. With ACCPAC CRM, your team has on-the-spot access to the resources they need to close every sale. When they're online, the Web client provides a real-time link to their Sage CRMdata. Even without access to a cable or phone connection the team can have access to pertinent real-time information via a personal digital assistant (PDA), WAP device or wireless phone. If your sales staff requires offline access to Sage CRMdata our SOLO synchronization utility consolidates the information quickly and easily, providing your sales people multiple options to access the same data.

4. Eliminate the guessing games. With Sage CRM you can create an automated workflow with projection percentages attached to each step. Track how many prospects are at a demo stage, how many prospects have a written proposal and how many prospects are scheduled to close. This automated workflow capability will ensure that you have the most accurate sales forecasts!

5. Automated Workflow allows businesses to automate pre-determined business rules across all channels, departments and employees. To help assess and design workflow Sage CRM provides graphical views of the process and its development patterns. In combination with e-mail integration, workflow ensures that actions requiring attention or escalation are automatically being routed to the correct employees or partners.

6. Track the success of a marketing campaign. Sage CRM will allow you to assign, schedule and track marketing activities within a campaign-and view every detail of each campaign at a glance. Sage CRM also provides the tools for marketing teams to easily create new target lists from selected criteria, re-use successful campaign lists or import mail-house lists. The integrated mail-merge function allows you to merge documents with target-customer lists. Once these lists are created, Sage CRM Marketing automatically creates a record in the customer account, attaching the marketing piece to the account and document library for telemarketers and support representatives to access.

7. Document Library provides a central repository for files from thank you letters to e-mail direct-marketing campaigns. Documents are contained in a central location giving an enterprise-wide reference site to materials sent to, and received from customers. Sage CRMallows you to store white-papers, FAQs', marketing materials, technical documents, quotes, pricing-whatever it is the team needs-in the Document Library for immediate access to support resources.

8. Manage your time better with an interactive calendar, which integrates with Microsoft(R) Outlook(R), synchronizing tasks, appointments, cases and calls for all users. Users can pre-set onscreen reminder notifications, which alert them of pending tasks. Filter and sort options allow users to manipulate onscreen data to the individual's preferences.

9. Sales Management reports to help you make better decisions about your sales force. Sage CRMprovides point-and-click reporting and graphs that allow sales teams access to data for on-the-spot analysis and evaluation. With Sage CRM you'll always have the real time information you need. Start by assessing new leads, quoted clients, demographics and potential deals in the pipeline, then analyze your sales efforts and use that knowledge to refine your strategy.

10. Self service capability-Sage CRMWeb Self Service allows customers to access or request services and support over the web. Customers can receive information based on their preferences, requests and histories, providing them a single point of contact for information about your products and company through designed customer and partner portals. Allow your channel partners access to shared workflow, lead-tracking, inquiries, invoicing and customer information. Sage CRMallows your customers 24/7 access to information they want.
Plus Sage CRM provides seamless integration with your ACCPAC Solution!

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