How Avoid Financial Disaster With Sage CRM

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I spend a lot of time talking about the general uses of Sage CRM (SageCRM) and how it will make your growing business better. After a recent conversation with a small business owner, I realized that your business faces something much more catastrophic every day: a salesperson leaving the company.
Regardless of the reason for their departure, if you don’t have Sage CRM in place, you may be losing a huge amount of information and, worse yet, customers.

You’ve put full trust in your sales team, as you should, to build and manage your customer relationships successfully. In many cases, a salesperson may be the only person in the company that has actual contact with your customers. Leaving groups of customers in the hands of a few individuals can be dangerous.

Why is this a dangerous position?

The business owner I mentioned manages 20 salespeople who each handle document and records of their own customer accounts. When a sale is made the owner receives the paperwork and files it away in metal drawer. The owner approached me with the problem of having to reference these physical files for any issue that comes up. He is aware that Sage CRM can keep a more accurate system for these sales but didn’t realize, with his current manual processes, his salespeople are running the show.

Each salesperson maintains their own organization system for their sales records outside of the company’s system. This means that, beyond the paper files, they are the only people at the company who own current records of that relationship. If even one person from his sales team moves on, the company has potential to lose track of 200 plus customers. That’s a huge financial loss on time spent developing those relationships and future sales. If three salespeople leave in the same time-frame, the effects will be devastating.
Forgetting the awkward scenario of an ex-employee with a grudge and looking to steal your customers, it’s unlikely, after a short period of time, that a salesperson who’s moved on and keeps a good relationship with you will have the time to or desire to help brief you, their former employer, on customer relationships once they are out the door.

In any business, keeping the customers you already have is more cost effective than struggling for new business when your sales are dropping. It’s crucial you safe-guard your business from this type unplanned disaster.
Sage CRM is a life saving solution for this situation. By integrating Sage CRM into your sale process, your company will avoid losing a massive amount of information when a salesperson leaves. Beyond just the contact information, a customer’s sales history can be tracked and the customer relationship can be smoothly transferred over to the next eager salesperson.

Beyond the issue of losing customers, having your sales team working in Sage CRM will make it simple to review the current state of business and what your sales force is actually doing and accomplishing on a regular basis.

The bottom line is that Sage CRM helps you grow your business effectively and efficiently and avoid the problems faced when salespeople leave the company.