Are You Listening to Your HR Data? (Free white paper offer included)

Too often we hear about dashboards, analytics, and business intelligence, in the context of financial reporting or evaluating warehouse operations. But why wouldn’t performance metrics and analytical data be useful to HR and payroll too? Well, it is … and here’s why.

Better and More Effective Decision-Making

You’ll probably agree that better decision-making hinges on the right people gaining access to the right information at the right time. When those decisions involve your workforce, you need to know exactly who works for your organization, what they earn, what benefits cost, and how their contributions impact your company's success. That’s where tools like HR dashboards and business alerts can play an important role.

Your Data is Trying to Tell You Something

Most HR organizations rely on reports—reams of them. But instead of burying your head in a stack of paper searching for the data you need, why not have that data find YOU instead? That’s where Sage Knowledgesync for Sage HRMS comes in. It’s an automated alert and response’ system that actively monitors your Sage HRMS database for important deadlines and events (that you pre-define) such as benefits expiration, hire date anniversaries, and performance reviews.

Imagine your Sage HRMS system proactively telling you when John Doe exceeds 20 hours of overtime this week, when Sam Smith is due for his performance review, or that the new benefit plan for Lori Jones is effective starting today. Once these HR-related exceptions are triggered, you’ll receive an alert by email, cell phone, pager, fax, dashboard, or on-screen pop. It’s your choice to determine who receives the alert and how. You’re data has a voice … let it be heard.

A Crystal Clear Dashboard

When it comes to making fast, accurate business decisions, a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Instead of wading through memos and reports, you can get a fast and accurate snapshot using Sage Crystal Dashboard Design. This simple “dashboard style” reporting tool allows you to create stunning graphical views of your HR data that transform complex workforce cost and performance metrics into simple, actionable insights. And with drill down capabilities into your Sage HRMS software, this interactive tool can take you from big-picture visualization to detailed analysis of your employee information.

Whether it’s employee data stored in an HR application, sales info stored in your CRM software, or financial data stored in an ERP system, business intelligence and analytics can help you make better and more timely decisions and get a leg up on the competition!

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