10 Reasons to consider hosted CRM

If you've been thinking about CRM there's no easier way to get started then with Sagecrm.com. Sagecrm.com provides robust Customer Relationship Management functionalities that empower businesses to optimize the effectiveness of their sales, marketing and customer care teams. In addition, ACCPACcrm.com offers unique capabilities that allow it to meet the critical requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises better than any other CRM vendor.
The following is a snapshot of our distinct advantages, showing why you should choose Sagecrm.com:

1. Freedom of Choice - True Platform Flexibility
Most growing businesses eventually migrate to an in-house CRM system to satisfy the need for sophisticated, end-to-end process integration. Sagecrm.com provides the capability to seamlessly move to an in-house CRM system; it is the only hosted CRM provider with this true seamless platform flexibility.

2. Deployment in Days
With ACCPACcrm.com, there's nothing to install, so you can get started without calling your IT department or waiting for a consultant's help. In fact, you and your entire team can be up and running with Sagecrm.com in a matter of days.

3. Affordable
With Sagecrm.com, one low price gets you everything you need - your CRM application, support, training, backups, updates and more - without large upfront software and hardware investments or a dedicated system administrator. Your CRM costs scale according to your organization's growth.

4. Ease-of-Use
Everything from the user interface to workflows to accounts and order information reporting has been developed for ease of use. Plus, because ACCPACcrm.com integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, you can conveniently use Sagecrm.com's powerful features from within the Outlook interface.

5. Easily Customizable (no programming required)
Sagecrm.com easily adapts to the way you work by letting you define your own processes. You can define specific workflows unique to your business, describe your own fields, profile key attributes and create your own screens, tabs, lists and views - without having to do any programming.

6. Critical Customer Information Access to Mobile Workforce
Off the shelf wireless PDA access & offline synchronization.

7. Built-In Workflows
Keep everyone on the same page with CRM workflows that allow your entire team to follow identical processes. With ACCPACcrm.com, you can see exactly where each sale or project is and when it's expected to be complete.

8. Anytime, Anywhere Access
Sagecrm.com provides 24-hour secured access anywhere in the world. No matter where your employees are, they've got complete access to the data they need most. Plus, with wireless device support, your salespeople can access prospect information on their handheld PDAs.

9. Seamless Off-the-Shelf Integration
View customer account payables and receivables, order information and more! Sagecrm.com offers seamless integration to all of your accounting activities, presenting a true 360 degree view of your customers and empowering your staff to provide enhanced service.

10. ACCPAC Vendor Reputation and SMB Experience
"ACCPAC knows the small business and the middle market, and for years, the company has successfully addressed the requirements of customers in the SOHO, SMB and MME sectors."