Spindle Document  Distribution  offers total control of documents coming into and out of Sage 300.  Helping to streamline processes and improve efficiencies, Spindle Document Distribution is an essential solution for growing businesses.

From distributing your outbound documents and automating many of your workflow processes, to capturing incoming documents for instant access in Sage 300, Spindle Document Distribution provides you with a complete document management solution for your business.


  • Reduce human error in processing, sending, receiving and filing documents
  • Save time with a quicker document delivery and file retrieval
  • Eliminate paper storage costs
  • Reduce manual admin
  • Remove risk of missing or lost documents
  • Go paperless by scanning, barcoding, importing and drag and dropping incoming documents to store them electronically

Features include:

Intelligent document distribution to automatically:

  • Send documents via email, to a printer and even via fax.
  • Specify contact information extracted from ERP or accounting system such as contact name, address, email address etc.
  • Select stationery type using ERP or accounting system data (product, location, analysis code, dimension code etc.) to create desired templates.
  • Archive documents into SharePoint, CRM or to a local network.
  • Add additional email recipients automatically.

Batch email distribution

  • Email any document to any stakeholder (e.g. invoices, statements, remittance orders, sales order acknowledgements)
  • Send unlimited documents (as batches or individually) to any address by email.
  • Attach relevant documents (e.g. statements, promotions, pricelists)
  • Store draft emails before sending or send emails directly from the user’s mailbox without having to be reviewed in the Drafts folder in Outlook.
  • Support multiple email platforms (Exchange, Outlook, Lotus Notes, SMTP, MAPI and Gmail and Yahoo!) using SSL through SMTP.
  • Sender’s email address can be customized to ensure emails are sent from a central email address, for example accounts@company.com.

HTML Email Designer

  • Produce HTML compatible email.
  • Personalize customer communication using data extracted from ERP

Batch print distribution

  • Print and collate documents to different printers, trays or stationery
  • Print multi-part print copies without the need for duplex stationery
  • Automatically re-order printed pages within a document run
  • If you are still using multipart stationery for invoice, dispatch note and proof of delivery, Spindle Document Distribution can automatically print three copies to three individual print trays whilst collating the documents for dispatch, saving you time

Form Designer

  • Edit plain text backdrops to full colour design and incorporate full branding
  • Add additional pages to documents
  • Change language files and attachments
  • Extract data from ERP or accounting system and add to document

Document security

  • PDF password protect sensitive documents individually or in batches
  • 256 bit PDF document encryption
  • Apply digital signatures to any document using advanced Adobe CDS Digital ID from GlobalSign, click here for more information about Document Signing and eSignature Laws

Download the Spindle Document Distribution Brochure