Cloud Server Application Hosting turns your IT needs and unknown capital expenses into a monthly fixed-cost service that you use to run your business applications such as your Sage software and your Microsoft programs like Office, SQL, Exchange and any other windows-based applications you may have.

This service is provided by our partner, Strategic Online Services Ltd, that has been providing Cloud Server Hosting for Sage 300 and windows based applications since 1999.  

Here are the benefits:

  • No more Server Hardware
    • You never have to budget to buy a server again
  • No more windows server licensing upgrade fees
    • You never have to budget to buy the next version of windows again
  • Backups
    • The backup solutions that you get through SOS most business could never afford to buy and implement themselves. You are getting your entire server, data and applications backed up through enterprise level software. SOS tests restoring regularly, this ensures when you need it, your back up works first time, every time.
  • Freedom to access your business software from any device
    • SOS gives you anywhere any time access to your business software and data via an internet connection
  • Your local desktop hardware – extended life span
    • By using a hosted server your desktop hardware lasts longer. When you need to replace it, you need only a basic PC.
  • SOS servers and support are all in Canada
    • Peace of mind, even though you are on the cloud, the servers and data are in Canada.
  • Pricing is in Canadian dollars
    • This gives you peace of mind that you are not having to worry about currency fluctuations with the US dollar
  • Monthly pricing with no large costs to buy servers and licensing
    • Our monthly pricing makes it super easy to budget and easier on cash flow
  • No more surprise costs/invoices from your IT support provider
    • 24/7 Support is included in your monthly fee
  • Flexible user count
    • SOS is unique, we allow you to increase your user count up or down without penalty
  • Support for Sage 300
    • SOS works with our support team to ensure that we have access to continue to maintain your system in the same way we do now.
  • Sage third party software can be hosted.
    • All your Third Party software that integrates with your Sage system can be hosted as well with no additional costs.

Click the image below to watch a webcast on Cloud Hosting.