Developed by Orchid Systems, Information Manager opens the power of Business Intelligence for mid-market companies, without programming and complex customization. It allows you to create custom data structures within your Sage 300 database (Information Sets) and generate data cubes for multidimensional analysis. Capture any number of budgets and forecasts for virtually any combination of Sage 300 data. Like all breakthroughs, it is simple and intuitive.

If you want to record extra information, analyse your ERP data or prepare forecasts or budgets, Information Manager opens your horizon, frees you from the limitations of your standard Sage 300 data. Report at the level you define with the combination of dimensions and facts you specify, using financial, non-financial and your own custom data. With the freedom to create and use the data you need, Information Manager lets you create new fields (facts) and link them through to multiple Sage 300 master files (dimensions) and gives you the power to use this information in many ways. Manage KPI’s, budgets, forecasts, actual results and non financial data at any level.

Information Manager lets you specify Information Sets to store custom data and relate that custom data to existing Sage 300 master files and your own custom data. This data can be used in many ways …


  • Flexible Budget, forecast and Information framework to match your reporting requirements.
  • Centralized repository of budget, forecast and additional sundry data, that can be backed up along with your standard Sage 300 data.
  • Secure, multi-user and controlled access to critical data.
  • Document what changes have been made to the budgets and why.
  • Link documents to Sage 300 data.
  • Use Microsoft Excel for data collection, reporting and write back.
  • No need to maintain multiple databases or data marts containing information not found in Accpac.
  • Reporting off Sage 300’s optional tables is a breeze. Optional fields become columns, so there is no need for Crystal subreports or left outer joins.
  • Powerful business intelligence without the expense. Your Sage 300 data becomes meaningful information which can be analysied on the fly.
  • On-screen popup alerts providing users with relevant information when capturing standard Sage 300 data.
  • Ability to assign users to roles, and grant varied access to note types by role, separating notes by function.
  • Easy access to custom Crystal Reports and Financial Reports.
  • Reports grouped logically by function or process with flexible parameters – finders, date pickers, check boxes, period pickers – and hiding irrelevant parameters.
  • Save report parameters to enable quick re-running of reports.
  • Save report runs for future access.


  • Each Information Set can be defined with up to 10 Sage 300 views (Dimensions).
  • Create your own Information Sets which are not linked to existing views.
  • Define an unlimited number of fields per Information Set.
  • Attach a link of a file to an Sage 300 view key field combination (e.g. attach a picture to an item, a contract to a customer or a spreadsheet containing budget calculations).
  • A base to record extra data to facilitate Sage 300 Customization through VBA.
  • Full audit trail of budget revisions / changes with descriptive notes.
  • Developed in the Sage 300 SDK.
  • No redundancy or duplication of data.
  • Compatible with Sage 300 Standard, Advanced and Premium.
  • Runs on all databases supported by Sage 300.
  • Sage 300 look and feel.
  • Standard Sage 300 security, customization capabilities, import/export, data integrity checking and more!
  • Microsoft Excel® Add-in to read and write the data back into
  • Information Manager from within Microsoft Excel®. Information Manager’s analyser turns your information sets into OLAP cubes allowing you to ‘slice & dice’ and analyse your data in real time, on or off line!

Minimum Requirements

Information Manager requires Sage 300’s Transactional Analysis and Optional Field Creator module to create Information Sets to store extra information in Sage 300. Information Manager Version 5.4 will work with any Sage 300 Version 5.4 core module or any third party module which is both compatible with version 5.4 and developed in the Sage 300 SDK.

Download the Information Manager Brochure