Inventory transactions occur in every business area in manufacturing, trading, wholesale and distribution companies. In a typical Sage 300 implementation stock in and out records that happen in the warehouse such as goods receipts and shipments are not automated and require data entry in the back office, which is inefficient and error-prone.

AutoSimply Barcode is the solution to bring warehouse transactions to the front-line when and where they happen. It is an easy to use barcode system that plugs into Sage 300 for small to medium-sized companies to handle all the inventory movement transactions accurately and efficiently.

The Solution

AutoSimply Barcode uses web service technology and the Sage 300 SDK to provide real-time online posting of transactions from handheld computers or tablets in the warehouse.

In the warehouse

  1. Warehouse staff can initiate inventory transactions such as goods receipts and
  2. Using handheld barcode scanners, users scan barcodes on the products to record the transactions quickly and Both linear and 2D barcodes are supported.
  3. After scanning all the items, users post the documents directly into Sage 300.

In the back office

Nothing else to do. No more data entry needed. Inventory transactions are already posted in Sage 300 and are always kept  up-to-date.

Main benefits


  • The more items scanned and transactions processed in the warehouse, the more time and resources saved in back office data

Accurate inventory

  • Inventory movements and availability are always accurate thanks to real-time updates.

Better communication

  • Statuses of goods receipts, shipments, are reflected in the system. No need to rely on paper forms.

Customer satisfaction

  • Accuracy and speed leads to better customer satisfaction with on-time deliveries in the sales cycle.

Quick implementation

  • System is up and running by simply setting up the web service environment and deploying the front-end program to the platform of choice.
    • Industrial level handheld devices that are built to withstand hostile warehouse environments
  • Android devices or tables as an alternative cost effective solution


Download the Barcoding for Sage 300 brochure