Warehouse Suite by Accellos (formerly Sage Accpac WMS)

Improving the speed and accuracy of the fulfillment process and reducing the cost of labor are the key issues that distribution and warehouse-related businesses face. Gaining control over these issues requires technology that optimizes the utilization of your people and your assets–more than an automated data collection system that simply extends the paper processes leveraged from within Sage Accpac ERP.

Accellos can help. Warehouse Suite by Accellos was built to empower you to automate your warehouse using tools like conveyers, carousels, sophisticated picking algorithms, advance replenishment methods, and order allocation, delivered in a simple, intuitive solution that can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

Seamless integration to your Sage system means:

  • Tighter Control: Warehouse Suite by Accellos provides you with the tools to maintain better inventory accuracy, minimizing writedowns and writeoffs, and to ensure compliance with your customers’ labeling requirements.
  • Maximum Efficiency: Leverage advanced processes to improve your picking and receiving functions and to eliminate manual order checking.
  • Improved Visibility: The system’s Web-centric design gives you the ability to allow internal and external users visibility into the status of warehouse operations. Providing visibility creates competitive differentiation for your business, thus driving ROI.

Warehouse Suite by Accellos fully automates your warehouse processes, such as multizone, end of line (EOL) workflow, kitting, advanced allocation, advanced lot/serial number tracking, advance replenishment, returns, enhanced putaway, license plates, cartonization, repackaging, advanced receiving, delivery building, and more.

Warehouse Suite by Accellos Highlights

  • Improve inventory accuracy through RFID and barcoding
  • Eliminate manual warehouse processes and counts
  • Reduce picking, shipping, and receiving errors
  • Provide Web visibility of warehouse operations to employees, customers, and other stakeholders
  • Achieve retail and material handling compliance
  • Improve labor efficiency and utilization with automated picking and putaway
  • Make informed decisions about warehouse operations with business intelligence tools built upon key performance indicators for your business

Warehouse Suite by Accellos (Formerly Sage Accpac WMS)

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