ICINITI Credit Card™

ICINITI Credit Card™ works with most major merchant account providers to fully automate and streamline credit card payment processing. Now payments can be tied electronically to orders, invoices and credits within your Sage 300 system. You save the costs and time associated with manual duplicate data entry and reconciliation, plus benefit from secure handling of credit card data.

Iciniti Credit Card supports more payment gateways and merchant services than any other credit card application in the Sage 300 family. Iciniti Credit Card is a truly international solution with multi-currency gateways for Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Europe.

For many firms, receiving payment by credit card initiates a complex and largely manual process. Transactions are prone to input errors and cardholder data is exposed to security risks.

Iciniti Credit Card is a fully integrated credit card payment application that effortlessly automates the process of accepting credit card payments against orders and invoices in Sage 300.

Credit card authorizations are linked directly to an order created in order entry and the relationship is maintained throughout the entire accounting cycle, including subsequent invoices, invoice batches, payment captures, refunds and receipt batches. Payments can also be made against pre-existing AR invoices and recurring AR invoices as well as miscellaneous receipts.

If you are using Iciniti Store, Iciniti Credit Card can pre-authorize or pre-pay orders from the web store and automatically pass the credit card authorization to Sage 300 for capture once the goods are shipped and invoiced.

With Iciniti Credit Card you can:

  • Seamlessly integrate with most major gateways, merchant account providers and Sage 300.
  • Process multiple transaction types including prepayment, pre-authorization, capture, purchase and refund.
  • Split payment captures across multiple invoices for a single order.
  • Securely store multiple credit card numbers per customer, consistent with Payment Card Industry standards.
  • Directly link a credit card authorization to an order and any invoices associated with that order.
  • Partially pay an invoice with a credit card.
  • Split payments of an invoice on multiple credit cards.
  • Automate credit card processing for recurring AR invoicing and billing.
  • Batch receipts by card type to make daily reconciliation simple.
  • Integrate to Iciniti Store.

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