Productivity Tools for Sage 300

TaiRox Productivity Tools

TaiRox Productivity Tools extend the functionality of Sage 300 (Formerly Sage ERP Accpac). This product is written as an "SDK Application", integrating seamlessly with the desktop, activation and security features of Sage 300.

(See the end of the article below for a 15-minute overview video of all of Tairox's Sage 300 extension products)

Productivity Tools Menu

Maintain Common Data: copy accounts, customers and vendors to multiple companies.
Manage Data Effectively: automate changes to large numbers of documents.
Support Operations Processes: incorporate spreadsheets into review/approval flows.

Extended Application Functions

Productivity Tools Extended

Extended G/L Accounts • Maintain accounts across multiple companies
Extended Customers • Maintain multiple contacts per customer
  • Maintain customers across multiple companies
Extended Vendors • Maintain multiple contacts per vendor
  • Maintain vendors across multiple companies
Extended Fiscal Calendar • Maintain and lock calendars across multiple companies
Extended Order Entry • Create requisitions or POs with preview ability
  • While viewing history, select line details from previous orders
Extended PO Entry • See item quantity information just like on the order entry screen
  • While viewing history, select line details from previous orders

Periodic Processing

Productivity Tools Periodic

Accounting Status • Show period-end status details in a single window
Stock Reorder • Create spreadsheets, POs or requisitions from item quantity data
Complete Orders • Automate the completion of old orders
Complete Purchase Orders • Automate the completion of old purchase orders
Complete Zero Receipts • Automate the completion of zero cost receipts
Delete Quotes • Automate the deletion of old quotes
Delete Orders • Automate the deletion of old orders
Delete Purchase Orders • Automate the deletion of old purchase orders
Update Orders • Change hundreds or quotes or orders with one click,
  when kits, BOMs or item expected ship dates change
Ship Orders • Ship a large number of orders in a single operation
Invoice Shipments • Invoice a large number of shipments in a single operation
Mass Billing • Create a large number of invoices for a single A/R item
Mail Merge • Perform mail-merge operations with calculated fields, no export

Setup and Data Repair

Productivity Tools Setup


License Information • Displays licensee name and activation code
User Management • Copy permissions and setup from one user to another
Sync Timecards • Synchronize timecard data with updated master table entries
Set Recurring Dates • Reset incorrectly entered last-run-dates
Fix Item Valuation Errors • Repair item valuation errors in your data

Platform Requirements

    •  Sage ERP Accpac version 5.6 or 6.0 or Sage 300 2012, 2014 or 2016