RecXpress for Bank Services

The Fastest Way to Reconcile your Sage 300 bank accounts

Automate your reconciliation and save hours by eliminating processing errors by importing and generating entries directly from your bank statement.

RecXpress for Bank Services has been developed to save you time and money and to make your bank month end procedure quick and easy. It will take the pressure off of ensuring all entries going though your bank account will be processed and posted to the correct accounts and will ensure your reconciliation is obtained as simply and efficiently as possible. It is not just a matter of processing the correct entries, it is also a matter of not having to punch entries into the program yourself. By creating templates that contain rules the user is able to control all the entries that are processed directly from the bank and synchronized with their company GL, AR and AP transactions. The more you process the more rules you make and the less work it becomes.


  • No entries need to be manually entered in Bank Services.
  • Repetitive entries can be re-generated each month.
  • Numbering sequences can be defined using unlimited categories and prefixes.
  • Complete your reconciliation effortlessly in a fraction of the time.
  • No more worrying about not allocating to the correct GL Account.
  • No more worrying about balancing back to your bank statement.
  • No more worrying about missing any entries in your bank statement.


  • Easily importing predefined formats from your bank.
  • Matching entries by cheque number, bank amount and date.
  • Do multiple matching with many bank to one bank statement and vice versa
  • Defining matching criteria to create entries automatically from your bank statement like GL account allocations and tax information.
  • Creating entries directly in Bank Services for bank charges, EFT payments, transfers, stop orders and many more.
  • Allocating payments from your statement directly to AP Vendor payments and AR customer invoices.
  • Generating multiple line details from one entry on your bank statement using distribution sets in Bank Services.