Pacifictech Audit Logger for Sage 300

Keep track of staff compliance and governance, to the minute.

Audit Logger for Sage 300 provides organisations with an auditing tool that registers users action, security alterations & data modifications.  It is an essential component to deliver a complete internal control system.

Audit Logger has been fully developed in the Sage 300 SDK, so is available on all the databases/platforms that Sage 300 is supported on.

Audit Logger captures a register of user actions performed against each specific view that can be later analysed and reported on. It also captures other user actions performed in Sage 300 such as security settings, batch posting & clearing history. 

Audit Logger records all changes to unlimited optional fields as a single transaction along with the primary view inserts, changes and deletions. Administrators can easily define which optional fields require auditing for each view. Audit Logger operates seamlessly within the Sage 300 environment; many of the product features are simply not achievable with external database level auditing products.

Audit data held in Sage 300 database for absolute integrity if a company is restored or copied

Audit Logger

Easy Configuration

An administrator can tailor each individual view, setting the views audited fields and the views audited optional fields to meet their specific requirements. Alternatively an administrator can quickly use the predefined minimum & maximum setting that can be applied by module or by view.

A finalised configuration can be exported and quickly imported into many companies to reduce the configuration time and ensure consistency in a multi-entity deployment.

The auditing of Inventory Control, Purchase Orders & Order Entry modules is enhanced to include the Lot Tracking & Serialised Inventory functionality that is now fundamental to the distribution modules.


Reporting can be filtered by view, user or date range and can be limited to just fields that have been changed in the audit. Audit data can also be exported using standard Sage 300 export functionality, then mined using Excel or Access or more sophisticated applications of the customer’s preference.

Audit Logger

Download the Audit Logger Brochure