Orchid Inter Entity Trade for Sage 300

Inter Entity Trade, from Orchid Systems, automates the flow of transactions in Sage 300 (Accpac) when partner companies, branches, divisions etc buy and sell products or perform services between each other.

Reciprocal documents are created according to business rules you set up: when you initiate a transaction in one company, Inter Entity Trade makes the corresponding entries in the other company. No need to duplicate it for the other company.

For example, Company A (Source company) sells to Company B (Target company). Inter Entity Trade automates the generation of purchase order and goods receipt documents in Company B that correspond to the OE sales order and OE shipment documents in
Company A. It also generates the PO/AP Invoice after the OE/AR Invoice is issued. This is also done with Purchase Orders initiating OE Orders, invoices and credits too, for example.

For Services, if Company B carries out services for Company A, either Company can raise the invoice and Inter Entity Trade issues the corresponding AR or AP invoice for the other party as appropriate. The result saves time, increases accuracy and efficiency. Read more in Key Features below.

Globalization enables organizations to expand and operate across borders. This results in a proliferation of related companies trading with each other and the need to keep track of items and services, purchase and sales orders, shipments and receipts, invoices and taxes. Inter Entity Trade automates this and increases the accuracy of data, improves efficiency and provides better visibility across a group of companies.


  • Enhances productivity and efficiency.
  • Automates and streamlines business processes.
  • Input transactions once and replicate across companies.
  • Large time savings from eliminating the need to create and check duplicate entries.
  • Increased accuracy from automated processes.
  • Improves visibility of operations across a group of companies.
  • Simplifies collaboration in complex organisations.

Download the Orchid Inter Entity Trade Brochure