Norming Inventory Security

Norming Inventory Security enables organizations to control user access to IC items and locations, based on user permission settings in Norming Inventory Security.


  • Enables you to control access to any item and location in inventory control, order entry and purchase order. This allows you to limit user activity to a prescribed set of items and locations, blocking sensitive or confidential items and locations from being seen or changed.
  • Allows you to tailor access to items and locations for each ACCPAC user.
  • Restricts users from viewing location details containing items or locations from which they are restricted.
  • Restricts users to adding items or locations only for which they have access.
  • Allows addition or removal of user restrictions at any time in response to staffing changes.
  • Works with all third-party products if they use Inventory Control integration.

General Information:

Access to standard reports should be controlled through standard ACCPAC security options.


All Editions of SAGE ERP Accpac.

Download Norming Security Products Brochure