Norming Expense Reimbursement

Norming Expense Reimbursement provides a powerful, flexible tool for streamlining employee expense allocation and reimbursement processes for a single entity or multiple entities with Sage Accpac ERP.


  • Integrating with Sage Accpac ERP SM, G/L, A/R, A/P and PJC, Norming Expense Reimbursement posts all transactions directly to G/L, automatically creates A/P Invoice and PJC timecard expense for expense entry. Bank checks can be created for reimbursement and cash advance transactions.
  • Drilldown is enabled from G/L, A/P to originating expense entry or payment entry if you use Norming Expense Reimbursement with Sage Accpac ERP G/L and A/P.
  • A/R invoice can be created automatically to bill customer for the expense spent on jobs.
  • By enabling expense allocation across inter-entities, Norming Expense Reimbursement allows user to specify originator entity for expense entry, and destination entity for expense detail line. Posting of expense batch creates GL transaction for destination entity to allocate expense, and AP invoice or GL transaction for originator entity to handle the payment.

Described below are the featured functionalities of Norming Expense Reimbursement:

  1. Provides seamless integration with Sage Accpac ERP 500, 200 and 100.
  2. Allows unlimited optional fields for employee, expense entry and detail, payment entry.
  3. Integrates with G/L module, G/L transaction is automatically created from expense entry and payment entry during posting or upon request.
  4. Integrates with A/P module, A/P invoice can be automatically created from expense entry.
  5. Integrates with PJC module, creates PJC timecard to allocate employee expense on automatically from expense entry.
  6. Drills down from G/L, A/P to originating employee expense entry or payment entry.
  7. Creates A/R invoice to bill customer for expense spent on jobs.
  8. Fully supports tax calculation, allocation and reporting on employee expense. Different expense entry can use different currency for an employee.
  9. Copies employee information from Canadian/US Payroll if either of them is activated. 10. Allocates employee expense across inter-entities, divisions, regions, departments, cost centers and jobs. The GL segment override is enabled with division, region, department, cost center and job.
  10. Sets up expense budget and monthly expense limit for employee to keep expense under control. Provides multi-dimensional view and reporting of expense history by period, expense code, employee, division, region, department, cost center, job.

Download Norming Expense Reimbursement Brochure