Commitment Accounting for Sage 300

Take the big picture fiscal approach.

Competitive advantage comes with best practice financial management systems. Having your fiscal data at your fingertips will mean you have the best chance at staying nimble and changing with the market.

Now, with our Commitment Accounting package, keeping a tight track of budgets and the overall financial picture of your company will instantly be made easier.

Commitment Accounting for Sage 300 takes fiscal management to the next level. It allows you to report your exact budgetary position, including any pending or outstanding purchase orders. These quick, comprehensive insights and fast data access will mean your financial position is always clear so that you’re ready to act in an instant.

A comprehensive summary of outstanding purchase orders by general ledger account means every cent is accounted for against a set budget.

With access to our Sage 300 Financial Reporter, management staff can then see exactly what money is available to spend. This function will highlight where general ledger cost centres are approaching budget limits or where there’s been a failure to consume allocated budget, making efficient financial reporting and subsequent decisions easy. 

Commitment Accounting benefits include:

  • The user nominates which Sage 300 general ledger budget is to be used.
  • Enquiry screens summarise all financial commitment information and outstanding purchase orders by general ledger code or by vendor.
  • Multiple options for efficient updating of commitment data to general ledger, including by set time period or by expected purchase order dates.
  • Commitment update can be run as frequently as required.
  • Added security of data with a restriction on deletion of latest commitment snapshots for a period.

Download the Commitment Accounting Brochure