Audit Logger for Sage 300

Keep track of staff compliance and governance, to the minute.

Your staff are your most important asset and the day-to-day decisions with which you entrust them can change the direction of your business operations.

We’ve designed software that provides a holistic and transparent view of your staff’s decisions, accurately pinpointing their actions and transactions

Such information is not only integral to good decision making and peace of mind for the long term, but the data is also an important way of maintaining control, monitoring compliance and setting standards.

Audit Logger for Sage 300 is an auditing tool that registers all user actions, security alterations and data modifications performed against each specific task, field or system view.

This robust register of information can then be easily analysed and reported on at a later date for review purposes.

The audit function also captures other user actions performed in Sage 300 such as security settings, batch posting and clearing history.

Audit Logger benefits include:

  • The ability to capture both before and after information relating to the audited fields.
  • A log of the parameters, actions, values and processing view of all user actions for easy review and tracking by management.
  • A record of the authenticated Windows user name, login domain and IP address from the workstation where the change occurred.
  • A function that ignores statistical updates performed by internal posting procedures - a significant performance design feature.
  • Full support for Optional Fields.
  • Dynamic handling of module upgrades.
  • Support of all Sage ERP Accpac databases.
  • The auditing of data held in Sage 300 databases for absolute integrity if a company is restored or copied.

 Auditing can be configured on all views individually

  • Records adds, changes and deletions
  • Audit data can be printed in full, or with “changed values only” to minimise report size and focus on relevant details
  • Records important information from the client PC such as IP Address and Authenticated Windows User (requires Windows 98 or above, otherwise blank)
  • Records true client IP Address even when operating under Terminal Services or Citrix environments
  • Seamless operation recording data changes, zero change to operating environment
  • Fully developed using the Sage 300 SDK, absolute minimum performance overhead

Audit Logger has been fully developed in the Sage 300 SDK, so is available on all the databases/platforms that Sage 300 is supported on.

Audit Logger is available for all editions of Sage 300, and is configured for the following modules: Administrative Services, Common Services, Tax Services, General Ledger, Tax Services, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Order Entry, Purchase Orders, Canadian Payroll.

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