Edisoft Visual ASN for Sage 300

Visual ASN for Sage 300 is a full featured solution optimized for Sage 300 Standard, Advanced and Premium. It is configured to receive orders and create shipments using data it retrieves from Sage 300 Standard, Advanced and Premium. Integration is achieved through the Sage 300 API via the OE Sales Order and OE Shipment modules directly populating data to the Visual ASN tables in its database. This results in data that can be translated into an ASN document completing the order fulfillment cycle, or simply improve efficiencies for non EDI customers.

The Visual ASN workflow is very simple. Orders are downloaded into Visual ASN from Sage 300 Order Entry (either from Sales Orders or from Shipment documents). These individual orders can then be combined into a single shipment and processed together. Shipments are then packed within a visual interface, enabling users to see onscreen the same process as is happening on the floor. Once packing is completed and labels are printed, the shipment is confirmed and Visual ASN updates Sage 300 ; completing the order and can even create invoices for you based on what was shipped.

Visual ASN extends order visibility to the warehouse where you create and manage all your shipments with instant access to orders and invoices. It is easy to use, navigates with a “drag and drop” interface automating the picking and packing of goods to speed up the creation of the ASN 856 and printing of GS1 carton labels, pallet labels and “drop shipment” packing slips with a series of simple mouse clicks.

This powerful solution offers limitless possibilities with various add-on modules such as VICS BOL, Warehouse Bins, Lot Tracking, Advanced Auto Packing, Sage WMS Integration, Scan Packing and many others that will enable your company to drive down costs, with automated processes driven to speed up and improve the productivity of warehouse staff resulting in improved accuracy of orders and faster shipment of goods. It is also a scalable system that can be used on multiple computers in multiple warehouses, offices and departments separated geographically.

Edisoft’s Visual ASN for Sage 300 ERP will fulfill all your Sage 300 Standard, Advanced and Premium orders, drive down order costs, improve productivity and allow new ways to do business and expand your customer base.

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