Accellos WMS Adaptor for VASN

Edisoft and Accellos have combined their industry renowned expertise to deliver an end to end integrated EDI/WMS (Warehouse Management System) platform optimized for your Sage 300 environment. Companies are under pressure to reduce costs by automating manual processes to increase efficiency and as a result the Visual ASN adapter for Accellos was designed to eliminate costly and wasteful redundancies in a company’s warehouse environment. This combination delivers a powerful, scalable and flexible real-time warehouse management and EDI system that helps you boost productivity, shorten order fulfillment times and increase customer satisfaction.

Companies are finding they can reduce costs by automating processes by improving the speed and accuracy of day to day tasks. This partnership provides the warehousing link in a total supply chain solution offering a feature-rich solution to automate, streamline and verify all your in-warehouse and EDI processes. Companies across industries have benefited from integrating their WMS processes with our EDI solutions. Our integrated solutions enhance the way our customers do business by increasing revenue, efficiency and accuracy of their fulfillment processes.

The Visual ASN adapter can be easily configured to fit your WMS workflow improving current business processes, streamlining order processing and it is easy to maintain and support, as well as much more affordable than competing EDI solutions.

Key benefits of the Visual ASN adapter include:

  • Elimination of re-keying of order data between EDI and WMS
  • Elimination of workflow and staff redundancies as a result of one pick, pack and ship order fulfillment process
  • Complete peace of mind for your IT team as Edisoft and Accellos ensure you can upgrade to the latest Sage 300 release with no customization costs
  • The Visual ASN adapter is completely scalable and will operate with any size orders and any number of trading partners
  • Supports single or multiple warehouses for increased scalability and flexibility
  • Elimination of shipping and ASN errors

Also by introducing the Visual ASN adapter into your WMS environment a Sage customer will be able to print GS1 shipping compliant labels and packing slips from a number of available Accellos print applications allowing for a single print process for both your GS1 Shipping Compliant labels and your regular shipping labels in one complete package.

Edisoft’s long standing commitment has been to develop innovative solutions designed to help companies reduce costs and also achieve a competitive advantage in their industry. Our innovations have been driven by our customers’ challenges across a wide variety of industries and this adapter isn’t any different. The single integrated EDI/WMS platform was created to reduce costly administrative overhead and remove workflow redundancies. In addition, companies are now able to achieve EDI compliancy, eliminate having warehouse staff re-packing shipments, track both EDI orders and regular orders separately and most importantly of all avoid the duplication of pick, pack and ship processes. This cutting edge solution will save our customers time and money.

For small businesses that do not have a need to implement a full blown WMS as yet, you can still get benefits of Visual ASN for Sage Accpac ERP with the comfort and knowledge that a simple plug-in can integrate it to Accellos WMS when you are ready. Visual ASN is a full featured packing and shipping solution optimized for Sage 300. It is configured to receive orders, pack and create shipments with automated packing rules, print labels and packing slips using data it retrieves from Sage 300 Standard, Advanced and Premium . Visual ASN’s flexibility allows it to easily and seamlessly integrate with WMS as your business needs change.

Visual ASN for Sage 300 offers limitless possibilities with various add-on modules such as VICS BOL, Warehouse Bins, Lot Tracking, Advanced Auto Packing, Sage WMS Integration, Scan Packing and many others that will enable your company to drive down costs, with automated processes driven to speed up and improve the productivity of warehouse staff resulting in improved accuracy of orders and faster shipment of goods. It is also a scalable system that can be used on multiple computers in multiple warehouses, offices and departments separated geographically. For additional information see the Visual ASN for Sage 300 Std/Adv/Prem page.

As a Sage ERP customer you can enjoy the advantages of an integrated EDI and WMS solution without costly customizations over the lifecycle of your ERP application. Edisoft and Accellos are working together to ensure Sage ERP customers experience the best cost savings than any other combined solutions in the Sage market today.

View recorded webinar "5 Key Reasons to Invest in Edisoft's Integrated EDI and Remote Warehouse (3PL) on You Tube (34:04 minutes)

End to End Solution Diagram