Sage Alerts & Workflow

Sage Alerts

A smoke detector for your business

It’s happened to you – overdue invoices that have to be written off; an unfulfilled order because you ran out of stock; an opportunity lost due to no follow up; or a discount missed because you exceeded the deadline.
Troubling enough during a good economy, mistakes like this can determine the very survival of your business during tough times. Your organization simply cannot afford to miss out on critical information that can save you money, save you time, and keep your business afloat.
And that’s why Sage is pleased to offer you Sage Alerts & Workflow by Vineyardsoft Corporation – the most effective Business Activity Monitoring solution on the market today. 
Alerts & Workflow is your invisible assistant; it automatically identifies and responds to critical business condition s that – left unchecked – can jeopardize the very survival of your business.

More Than Just Reminders
Sage Alerts & Workflow monitors your Sage applications for any business conditions that are critical to the success of your organization. Invoices that are coming due or are overdue, employees who are taking too much vacation time, customer quotes that are due to expire, or stock shortages or surpluses are all typical conditions that trigger real-time  alerts to your staff, partners, and clients.
And you can notify your staff via more than just email, as Alerts & Workflow also sends alerts via fax, SMS, pager, instant message, twitter and dynamic dashboard.

But Sage Alerts & Workflow is not merely an alerting solution; it also allows you to streamline your operations by automating many tasks you currently do manually.

It includes the automatic production and delivery of invoices, dunning notices, customer statements, and other standard forms and documents. Alerts & Workflow even extends to updating Sage applications with pertinent details and activities, such as placing overdue clients on credit hold, scheduling follow up calls for customers with no activity, or auto-generating a purchase order for an inventory item approaching its reorder level.

BI-Strength Analysis
Sometimes the most important business information isn’t what has happened, but what hasn’t happened. Sage Alerts & Workflow performs advanced analyses such as identifying clients who have not purchased in ‘x’ days, or customers who have changed their buying habits. Best practices and compliancy requirements are supported via system audits, with the ability to identify changes made to critical information in your business.

And Sage Alerts & Workflow is an enterprise-wide monitoring and response solution; this includes the ability to identify conditions between various business applications, as well as the ability to monitor the contents of incoming email messages, web form submissions, and even conditions within your operating system.