DocLink - Document Management and Process Automation for Sage ERP

Doclink Logois a Sage Endorsed Solution, the highest achievable certification with Sage. The Endorsed Partner level is by invitation only. These partners are required to meet rigorous strategic, technology, and integration criteria.

Go paperless at your company, and reap productivity and efficiency rewards with DocLink.

Paper documentation puts your business at risk, increases costs, and it makes it more difficult to communicate across departments. DocLink makes it possible to reduce data input and automate the management of incoming and outgoing documents.

You can manage the full document lifecycle in your business - making information easier to share, eliminating lost and misplaced documents, streamlining data entry, approvals, and delivery while ensuring seamless integration with your ERP and other business systems, ultimately providing better a customer experience with everything you need at your fingertips.

Document Management
Track and access documents wherever they are. Manage their data better with an effective and holistic management solution that works with you every step of the way.

Search and Retrieve Any Information

No matter how your documents originate, DocLink’s robust capture capabilities index your documents for immediate and accurate retrieval from anywhere –your desktop, browser, or mobile device.

Protect Your Data

In addition to securing your documents from accidental loss, assigned roles and permissions determine the access and capabilities for each user. Document access can be defined at a very granular level – right down to the document’s individual property values.

Track Document Actions

All document activities are fully audited. Supervisors can see when a document was last accessed and what action was taken. You can readily see what has (or hasn’t) happened within your processes to identify frequent bottlenecks.

Workflow and Document Processing

Control your information throughout the entire daily document lifecycle. Manage approvals and configure workflow processes based on your specific needs.


Configurable workflow moves documents through your organization based on your procedures while maintaining visibility throughout the process.


Email notifications keep your users informed and on task. Select the notifications that work best for you including alerts when documents are ready for review, documents are overdue, or a daily summary report is available.


Automate workflow processes based on document data, approval rules, or as a scheduled task.

Smart Forms

Some workflow procedures necessitate the capture of data throughout the process. A Smart Form can be used to present the user with appropriate data fields, enforce data validations, and move information through the workflow process.

Automated Delivery

Deliver documents and related documentation to your customers and business partners automatically

Output Manager

Sending information out should not be a heavy expense for your organization. Our Output Manager automatically delivers documents to anyone (partners, employees, customers, vendors, etc.) based on preconfigured routing rules.

Reap the benefits of automated delivery through hard dollar savings (think supply costs and postage fees) and soft dollar savings (time spent manually handling documents and preparing for delivery) while improving customer service.


  • Select the document format each recipient receives and the method of distribution (email, fax, print)
  • Configure rules to locate related documents, collate them in the proper order, and send them along with the master document
  • Personalize cover sheets to represent your company and promote your brand
  • Specify the delivery schedule


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